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The city of Yazd

The city of Yazd’s first mention in historic records predate it back to around 3000 years B.C. When it was related to by the name of Ysatis, and was then part of the domain of Medes, an ancient settler of Iran.

In the course of history due to its distance from important capitals and its harsh natural surroundings, Yazd remained immune to major troops’ movements and destruction from wars, therefore it kept many of its traditions, city forms and architecture until recent times.

During the invasion of Genghis Khan in the early 1200’s A,D. Yazd became a safe heaven and home for many artists, intellectuals and scientists fleeing their war ravaged cities around Persia,

The city of Yazd is located in the eastern part of central Iran situated on the high, desert plateau that forms much of the country. A midst the immense desert, Yazd retains its sterling of old in religion, traditions and architecture. Recognized by UNESCO as holding one of the oldest architecture all over the world.

Yazd Fire Temple)

Atashkadah (Zoroastrians’  Fire Temple)

This Zoroastrians’ temple was built in 1934 in a site belonged to the Association of the parsi Zoroastrian of India under the supervision of Jamshid Amanat. The sacred flame, behind a glass case and visible from the entrance hall has apparently been burning since about 470 A.D, and was transferred from Nahid -e-pars temple first to Ardakan,then to Yazd and to its present site.

Amir Chakhmaq complex

Yazd-Mir Chakhmaq Squareand Mosque

The first building of the Mir (Amir) Chakhmaq square and mosque was founded in the ninth century (830 AH). Later in the Qajar era, a portal, two tiled minarets, and some rooms were added to it. The Mir Chakhmaq complex consists of : Mir Chakhmaq mosque-the new Friday mosque, Tekye, water reservoir, and Haj Qanbar bazaar.

Alexander prison

Alexander prison

Since centuries ago Yazd has known because of Alexander prison.

Zia eeye school name is because that it was constructed by Zia odin Hussein Razi in 631 A.H (1252 AD) and was completed by his boys, Majedi Hasan and Sharafodin Ali, at 705 A.H (1326 AD). Zia eeye school contains a high dome with simple view and small entry door located on next to twelve Imam mausoleum in Fahadan ward. When you enter the courtyard, a glorious  historical structure surrounds you which it is related to Islamic architectural relict of Mongol era. This school and other samples installed in various times in Yazd show that knowledge and science regarded important. It has been the area of studding since 700 years ago and elders was studding there.

Its dome consisted totally of adobe contains plaster decoration and golden and cerulean watercolor drawing. It is remained some part over white plaster. Length of every line is 8.8m, its height is 18m and its gap distance is 9.5m. Unfortunately it is remained less part of four wall inscriptions into dome. Its font is kufi and is like hasht dome, Shah Kamalieh School, and Fahadan mausoleum. School nave contains altar and porticos are constructed around courtyard which its west line contains bigger portico and plaster altar. Also a 38 stairs ford was constructed to access water into courtyard. Its depth is 8.2m from surface.

The architecture of Zia eeye School is specification of Mongol era, especially the considerable high dome. Probably the dome of Roknieh schools, Shah Kamalieh, and Hasht is a simulation of.-7th and 8th (13 &14th AD) century structure. There is no tiling decoration in the structure and the only remained works is adobe which has kept installed it. It is stated in new history of Yazd that Razi clay constructed splendid building and high vent around this school. Zia eeye contains high doorway, two high minarets, and wooded garden. Angle, library, and bathroom was constructed its front.

It is noted synchronously that Alexander prison has stated alongside Zia eeye School. This resulted to ambiguous for school identity. In addition to historical narrations and their probably accuracy about transforming the Alexandria exile to Yazd, some other factor; was effective to continue Alexander prison reputation:

Climate, remoteness, and solitariness of Yazd from full traffic center, region situation, and locating among terrible non-inhabitant desert resulted to stated reputation psychologically. Also the poetry of Khaje Shiraz (Hafez) is effective. He said: I am heavy-hearted due to Alexander prison terrible, should try to go from Soleiman land (world).

As well as reporting useful notes, historians of 9 and 11th century H (19th century AD) explained subjects which it should be regarded cautiously. Ahmad Kateb introduced a well in ancient city position or currently Fahadan ward as “Persian school cell” at 9th (15th AD) century. This had reflected the contemporarily population imaginations about terrible prison related to Alexander. Perhaps the cause of such imaginations had been the Iranian hate against Alexander and this was permanent as an Iranian believes and cultural feedback among population and members of cell.

It is more interesting that according to Moinodin Natanzi, Yazd was installed by Zahak and it was called Zahak prison. Moreover, this historical structure has neglected since victory of Islamic revolution as similar one. Hie contemporarily official did not regard it as it changed to cow stable and oil store, its cell was full of rubbish and its ruin ford left forgotten. Based on this regrettable situation, it was just an old timeworn building called Alexander prison and it located on Fahadan ward. There was a canal created due to hollow of ford and it was known as its well.

Probably this imagination was raised from narrations and remarks of local historical book authors and they embroider it. Perhaps structure history and function changes resulted to this ambiguity and ascription.

According to “Yazd heritage” and other source, this structure was used as mosque, school, and tomb in the past and according to Karim Pimia, it is the Zia Eeye School constructed in 7th century H (13th century AD).

A pit which was created due to hollow of ford into courtyard resulted to form an imagination about oubliette, among contemporarily populations showed scientific advances. Also it -shows that contemporary people were skillful in designing of urban water line system who they expanded the duct water network all around city. Similarly, the stated ford was used to provide necessary water which supply from Allah Abad duct.

Anyway, regardless this structure located on the same fabulous location or Zia Eeye School and Alexander prison are two separated structure, we see that Iranian Islamic culture and civilization embedded with bloody aggressive culture. Today there is, no sign from Alexander and Changiz and other one who decided to’ ruin region, Even the pompous. Alexander prison name is faded and we see just the civilization, thought, and humanity in Yazd.

By trying the cultural heritage organization, this glorious historical structure redecorated and repaired after Islamic Revolution of Iran. It was registered with number 770 in list of heritage sites. Today Zia Eeye School and mosque are a symbol of culture and science and kept installed since 800 years ago.

Dolat Abad

Dolat Abad dates back to 1160 AH (1747-48 AD), when it was commissioned by the Great Khan, Mohammad Taghi Khan-e Bafghi, during the Zand dynasty, as his residence. This beautiful garden consists of a pavilion that was built according to the original Iranian architectural style and a large garden and some other buildings. The interior of the pavilion is superb, with intricate latticework and exquisite stained-glass windows. It’s also renowned for having Iran’s loftiest badgir, standing over 33m, though this one was rebuilt after it collapsed in the 1960s which is considered Yazd’s and Iran‘s (and the world’s, for that matter) tallest badgir. This traditional air-conditioning system of local houses around the desert in Iran is the essential elements at the residential structures. Dolat Abad garden and 8 other Persian gardens have declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 2011.

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