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Tour Details
Tour Overview

The western part of north Caspian sea with beautiful jungles of Rasht. The village of Masuleh is located near Rasht. Tabriz and Kermanshah are next sites with the other historical village which is one of UNESCO heritages and on to Bisotun to see the Achaemenid inscription reliefs, depicting Darius I. Yazd, the palaces of Tehran, historical mosques and the big square of Isfahan and one of the Persian kings city located in Shiraz are going to be visited.

Best Highlights

Mosuleh is an amazing village in the mountains,

Shiraz bazar, Zandye complex, Vakil mosque and bath house,

The gardens, Sa’adi and Hafez dome,

The ancient site of Persepolis and Naqsh-e Rostam,

The biggest brick complex of the world in Tabriz,

One of Persian capital and the Tomb of Cyrus the great,

The archaeological site of Takab,

Caspian sea shore,

Enjoy the main UNESCO heritages sites of Isfahan,

Historical Armenian church, beautiful gardens and palaces,

Visiting of Sio Se pol and Khajoo bridges,

Historical village of Abyaneh,

Historical city of Kashan with the best historical houses,

The Golestan palace in the center of Tehran,

Jewelry museum and the Archaeological museum of Iran.


Day 1: Tehran

Golestan Palace, Bazar, Jewelry museum, Iran national museum.

Day 2: Tehran

Sa’d abad palace, Niavaran palace, carpet museum. (as you orderd to stay in hotel for half a day, some of these places can be omitted from the plan and most important places will be visited)

Day 3: Rasht and Masuleh

Drive to Rasht and visiting jungles of Rasht and the main part is visiting beautiful village of Masuleh and stay in hotel of Rasht.

Day 4: Qale Rudkhan

Visiting Qale Rudkhan and coming back to Rasht at night and rest in the hotel.

Day 5: Bandar-e Anzali, Caspian sea shore and Visiting Ardabil

Drive to Bandar-e Anzali and visiting Caspian sea, and drive directly from the nice nature of Heyran mountains to Ardabil and see the mausoleum of Sheykh Safi Aldin Ardabili and stay in the hotel of Tabriz.

Day 6: Tabriz and Jolfa

Drive to Jolfa and see one of the most beautiful churches of Iran which is poblished in UNESCO heritage and go back to Tabriz and stay in the hotel.

Day 7: Tabriz and Kandovan village

Visiting grand bazar of Tabriz and Kabud mosque (inspite of having time going to see mashrute house), and drive to Kandovan and see nice village of Kandovan, stay in the hotel of Kandovan in the heart of the mountain.

Day 8: Takab and Kermanshah

Drive to Kermanshah and visiting Takab which is the archaeological site that is situated in a valley set in a volcanic mountain region in northwestern of Iran.

Day 9: Kermanshah and Bisotun

Visiting Taq Bostan and Kangavar (a small town of great antiquity dating back to 200 B.C. lying half way between Hamadan and Kermanshah), to visit the Temple of Anahita, the Goddess of Water and Fertility; on to Bisotun to see the Achaemenid inscription/bas-reliefs, depicting Darius I facing the nine rebel kings.

Day 10: Khoram Abad and Isfahan

Drive to Isfahan and in the road visiting a big citadel in Khoram Abad which is reminded from Sasanid dinasty and at the end of the day stay in the hotel of Isfahan.

Day 11: Isfahan

Visiting Isfahan Jome mosque, Bazar, Naqsh-e Jahan SQ(Imam square), Sheykh lotfollah mosque, Aliqapu, Imam mosque, visiting the night of Sio-se Pol.

Day 12: Isfahan

Visiting Chili soton(Chehel soton), Hasht Behesht, Golha garden, Vank church and Khajoo bridge.

Day 13: Pasargad and Persepolis

Drive to Shiraz and in the way visiting Pasargad and Cyrus the grate tomb, Visiting Persepolis(Takht-e Jamshid) and Naqsh-e Rostam and check in the hotel in Shiraz.

Day 14: Shiraz

Go to enjoy the times in Eram garden and Afif abad garden, eat lunch in resturant and go to visit Jahan nama garden and Hafez tomb, see Qor’an gate and the grave of Khajoo.

Day 15: Shiraz

In early morning go to see Nasir mosque, visiting Narenjestan-e qavam garden and walk 15min to the Khan school, walk in Vakil bazar and saray Moshir for 20min and eat lunch in the resturant near bazar after that visit Vakil bath and mosque and walk for 10 min to see Karimkhan prison(citadle), Visiting Sa’di mausoleum.

Day 16: Yazd Abarkooh in the road

Drive to Yazd and in the way visiting Abarkooh city, in Yazd visiting Dolat abad garden, Amir chakhmaq square.

Day 17: Yazd

Visiting Alexander prison, walking in alleys af yazd, visiting Jome mosque of Yazd, zeorasterian fire temple and Silence tower(zeorasterian cemetery).

Day 18: Kashan

Drive to Kashan and visiting historical houses of Kashan and Aqa bozorg mosque after eating lunch going to see very nice garden of Kashan (Fin garden).

Day 19: Kashan and Airport

Visiting the historical part of the city, Sialk Hills then drive to airport and leave Iran.

Dates & Prices

19 Days Tour

Time Table

Spring High Season 6th March-14th June
Automn High Season 15th August-21th December
Christmas Holidays 15 Days

With car and driver guide

1 p 2 p 3 p
3*-4* Hotel 4590 Euro 2770 Euro 2750 Euro
4*-5* Hotel 5345 Euro 3100 Euro 2966 Euro

With van, English speaking guide, driver

3 p 4 p 5 p 6 p 7 p
3*-4* Hotel 2850 Euro 2380 Euro 2158 Euro 2010 Euro 1959 Euro
4*-5* Hotel 3066 Euro 2700 Euro 2483 Euro 2336 Euro 2230 Euro

With middle bus, English speaking guide, driver

8 p 9 p 10-11 p 12-14 p 15-19 p 20-24 p
3*-4* Hotel 1900 Euro 1824 Euro 1695 Euro 1608 Euro 1520 Euro 1438 Euro
4*-5* Hotel 2195 Euro 2140 Euro 2085 Euro 2010 Euro 1910 Euro 1815 Euro

With bus, English speaking guide, driver

25-29 p 30-34 p 35-39 p 40 p
3*-4* Hotel 1438 Euro 1430 Euro 1400 Euro 1384 Euro
4*-5* Hotel 1755 Euro 1760 Euro 1760 Euro 1685 Euro


All Airport transfers

Hotel accommodation

Meals as breakfast, (lunch or dinner)

All domestic flights

All mentioned sightseeing (there are some optional sightseeing)

Experienced English speaking guide

Tour basket (a cup of tea or coffee in the road between cities)

Private Irancell Sim card

Visa support

Full-time Dedicated Vehicle for all transports

All tips of restaurant, luggage,… (for groups more than 7 person)


Air-conditioned bus/minibus/car, flight, train


3* – 4* – 5* Hotels

The prices above has estimated for 3*-4* & 4*-5* hotels

Important Notes:

For 3* hotels price will reduce 55 Euro per person

This itinerary is flexible and can change in different ways

For all Entrance fees, price will increase 100 Euro per person

For special speaking guide (Italian, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, …) price increase about 50 euro for per person

For including or excluding every meal each day costs +8 or -8 Euro each meal for per person

The prices are calculated for per person


Entrance fees



Telephone calls

All tips of restaurant, luggage,… (for groups less than 7 person)

Tip of guide and driver

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